The Team

Vincent Gelot, 24 years-old, traveler in fond of photography reports

Born in Paris but leaving in Nantes during the fairly rare moments when he is in France, Vincent discovered early the taste for  adventure, when he was a boy scout, that continue to grow throughout his travels hiking and cycling in Europe and the United States. After three years studying Humanities in the Military College of Aix-en-Provence to be an officer in the Army, he took a Master of History at the University of Nice and a Master 2 in Geopolitics at the Institute of Political Science of Aix. His research papers on the war in Algeria and in Afghanistan show a strong interest for the Arabic world. Vincent performs at the same time a European Master of Law and Humanitarian Action at the University Paul Cézanne that led him to study successively at the University of Deusto in Bilbao and at Columbia University in New York.
Besides books, he produced several photography reports which are the subject of exhibitions: in Vietnam, on board a container ship between Europe and the United States and in the Balkans on the road of the Orient Express. He is currently completing his university studies in Lebanon, in an NGO (UMAM D & R) that deals with the sensitive memory of the Lebanese civil war while helping sometimes as a volunteer in the Raoul Follereau-Liban association.
His willingness to deepen his faith, his experience in Lebanon and abroad, his passion for making photography reports and above all his enthusiasm to any event will be useful for the adventure.



And the horse of the adventure: Habibimobile

Habibimobile is a name referring to a term of friendship particularly used in the Arab world (Habibi) and Popemobile. But Habibimobile is not a car like the others, it is a 4L. With a 4L, it is a mythical story of adventure and travel that comes to mind. A 4L is a convenient way to travel long distances on all kind of roads while transporting heavy equipment. But a 4L is mainly an art of traveling, a rustic vehicle that triggers the smile of child, the curiosity of passers-by and the sympathy of those who will see onboard one enthusiastic young men. The french artist Augustin-Frison Roche also realized the decoration of the car, with the map of the Middle East and animals representations of babylonians and christians symbols (


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