The itinerary

I will leave Lebanon from September 14, 2012 and will end at Jerusalem in May 2013. In other words, 21 countries through 22 000 km.

About the itinerary

COHERENT, relating to the issue of the Christians of the Middle East and Christianity history.
ORIGINAL, because it forms a loop through a variety of countries rarely proposed for an adventure.
BOLD, because it complies a great distance for several months on a rustic vehicle in a spirit of adventure that leaves to discovery and unknown a significant part.
FEASIBLE, considering numbers of kilometers/schedule and in relation with the countries along the itinerary. The  itinerary includes a number of risks we want to minimize. With this in mind:

Continuous monitoring of the stability of these countries.

Collecting all the information that can facilitate border crossing (crossing point from one country to another, visas…)
Contacts on the field in order to have a base number and to facilitate our integration of local communities.
A second itinerary is set up in case of impossibility to cross a country.

« The project must be bold and realistic while leaving room for the unexpected ». I will realize this adventure with this in mind.

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